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Why own Boxing, MMA or Fitness Gear?

Why you should own boxing/MMA equipment

With the recent pandemic underway now seems like the best time to own your very own equipment. Wherever you’re a causal fan of MMA who’s in it for the fitness or you have roots in combat sports like BJJ Muay Thai and kickboxing, then now is the best time to stock up on boxing and MMA gear that will help you lose weight at home. As the lockdown forces more people to stay at home there is a substantial need for easy to use at home sports gear. We at UNION fighting strive to provide the best equipment for boxing and MMA in the UK. The fitness industry is taking note of the lock down and is focusing on providing home workouts routines for people stuck at home but still want to hit the gym.

Home workouts have become the norm but in order to facilitate your workout at home you will require gym equipment. This doesn’t mean you should invest in latest expensive state of the art work out machines that you see on TV. Functional boxing and MMA equipment that helps you perform outstandingly and produces the finest results can be available to any customer at a reasonable budget. Here at UNION fighting we can ship anywhere worldwide.

Easy to use at home

Even if you have a tight living space a simple set up can be made anywhere easily with the bare minimal space and necessities. Going to the gym during the pandemic can be a hassle but with your very own workout set up at home coupled with your top tier Boxing and MMA gear there is nothing stopping you from working out. With some room to move around and a roof, you can set up a boxing bag on which you can train consistently with your superb boxing gloves from thegymgeek coupled with hand warps for protection. We at UNION fighting grantee you can get the best quality sports gear for your home set up.

There are plenty of easy to use workout gadgets advertised on TV but they do not produce the best results. When you train with our boxing gear you can rest assured that your hard work is going towards making a better you. If you are more geared towards kick-boxing then investing in some solid shin guards for protection can do you wonders.

All the best brands at your disposal

There are many massive brands in the market competing to be the best sports gear producer. Some of the major names include Venum for the MMA fighter, Reebok the athlete’s choice, Everlast the legendary boxing equipment provider, Leone 1947a great choice, Tapout the fighter’s wear and Fairtex.

These brands have produced top notch and sports gear for both athletes and individuals. Our own brand UNION fighting is an excellent provider of high grade boxing and MMA gear. We are especially well known for our durability and customizability.

Sports gear comes in a variety of designs. These sports equipment’s can be accessorized with different designs to best suit the wearer. The amount of customizability in these products is immense. These sports gear providing companies are known for upholding their top grade quality. Here at UNION fighting we have a large assortment of colours and designs to choose from. If you start shopping for your very own boxing and MMA today you can surely find the best size that fits you as well as your favourite design.

Great way to get in shape

Keeping around sports gear in your home is a great way to motivate you to stay in shape. With the ease of their availability you can use your gym gear to workout anytime. You can easily build muscle with the right equipment and regime. Home workouts are especially a great way to losing weight.

With the many brands to choose from the one you choose to wear while you work out will be the one that represents your MMA fandom. When you train with your favourite gear you will feel motivated to train even harder and regularly. Using your favourite gear of your preferred brand will motivate you to work out more often. There’s a special attachment one feels for their sports gears after using it’s relentlessly for years. It’s the knowledge that the wear and tear in your sports gear was helping your reach you current peak form.


So if you’re a fitness geek who likes to borrow spare gloves laying around in the gym it seems now like the perfect time to own your very own sports gear. You will be able to show your love for the sport and there are a plethora of different sporting brands to choose from each in unique designs to fit all wearers. So what are you waiting for, pick your very own MMA/ boxing gear from our shop at thegymgeek and have your desired MMA/boxing equipment shipped today courtesy of our company thegymgeek. The verity of products to suit your favourite workout routine are abundant. Order today and receive your new MMA/boxing gear.

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